3 Common Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to imagine, in Marc’s line of work, he sees a lot of renovation projects which have either gone wrong, been abandoned unfinished or were inappropriate for the building. Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Grand Designs will know how easy it is for projects to go wrong but here are some tips to avoid the most common mistakes.

It’s Just Wrong

While it seems obvious to say some people choose renovations which are totally wrong for their property, it’s not obvious to the people who do it until it’s too late. One such major error is choosing style over practicality and decreasing the property’s resale value. Some home owners have done things like creating a huge master bedroom by knocking through smaller ones or created large wet rooms with no bath because it’s their thing but houses with more bedrooms are nearly always worth more and the majority of families will want a bath in their bathroom. Another issue is choosing projects that just aren’t very practical for the type of building and not looking into potential pitfalls. People have added extensions which have subsided within a few years, knocked down supporting walls and replaced historic windows with modern ones in listed buildings. That is why it is a good idea to enlist the help of a surveyor before you start.

Overestimating Your Abilities

DIY has always been a popular pastime but since the COVID lockdowns, it has become a national obsession. This has led to people overestimating their abilities and undertaking large projects themselves without hiring a professional. Mistakes made aren’t just ones of trying to make something or fit something that’s beyond your ability and needing to expend a lot of money to put it right or finish it off, but are, actually, more often to do with project management and trying to do things in the wrong order or not knowing everything that needs to be done to get the job done properly.

Underestimating How Much Things Cost

The classic Grand Designs mistake seems to be underestimating costs. People get very excited and jump into renovations without costing them out properly and end up running out of money. A similar issue happens when people begin work without anticipating problems or they uncover issues as the work progresses which cost a great deal to sort out. Like many of these mistakes, this is another one which can be made less likely through really good planning and/or hiring a professional to plan or manage the work for you. It sounds like a contradiction to say you need to pay out more money for help to save money but it often works out more cost effective in the end.

Obviously, we are going to point out that when you hire Marc to manage a renovation project for you, you can avoid all these issues. Even if you would just like him to take a look and give you advice before starting work, he can help your project run more smoothly by anticipating issues, spotting things that could become a problem with your project and give you an idea of what is going to be required to complete your project properly. To talk to Marc about your planned project, call 01273 281624 or email info@tatesurveyingservices.co.uk.

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