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General defects

Sometimes it’s challenging to identify the cause of certain defects. So if you’re concerned about a particular aspect of your property, our range of in-depth surveying services will help you identify the leading cause of any issue.

What we cover

  • Damp
    Whether old or new, damp can cause major problems to any property. If you have any concerns about issues with damp, act now to avoid further damage.
  • Tree roots
    If you have substantial trees neighbouring your property, you might experience levels of subsidence through soil shrinkage. If in doubt, get an expert opinion from our team.
  • Wall and ceiling cracks
    Where some cracks might be caused by settlement, other cases may be a direct cause of subsidence. If you need assistance with diagnosing the likely cause, get in touch.

Other services

  • Contract administration
    If you are planning a major project and don’t want to leave it in the hands of builders, our surveyors can project manage the administration of your contract. Our service includes:

    • preparation of the specification of work
    • tendering the project
    • preparing the contract for signing by appropriate parties
    • works inspections and checking contractor invoices
    • variation requests and certification of the contractor
    • payments and practical completion
  • Rebuild calculations
    In the event of property damage, it’s important you’re fully protected by the right level of building insurance cover. We’ll attend your property and complete a calculation to ensure you have the correct information to do so.
  • Defect diagnosis
    Whether it’s water ingress, subsidence or something more complex, our defect diagnosis service goes further than a standard survey to pinpoint the cause of damage to your property.

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