Add Value to your Property with these Garden Renovations

Outdoor space comes at a real premium in our part of the world so people naturally want to make the most of it. In fact, during and after the COVID lockdown, people seemed to go mad for gardening and growing vegetables so properties with gardens are selling for more than ever so what changes can homeowners make to their gardens to add even more value to their homes?

Neat and Tidy

Just like estate agents always recommend that people keep their houses tidy and free from clutter when they’re trying to sell them, the same goes for gardens. Not only do neat and unfussy gardens look bigger and give people a nice feeling of calm, they are also low maintenance which can be really important to some buyers.

Think Space

Larger garden projects which can add value include using hard landscaping to create zones within the garden. This makes them feel bigger and creates interest. With a big enough garden, you could even create different areas with different uses such as for entertaining or for children to play in for the broadest possible appeal. Installing or improving the paving of either seating areas or paths is also a good way to add value as people often want gardens they can invite people to socialise in.

Indoor outdoor space is also very popular at the moment and can really add value. Garden offices are huge this year with so many people now working from home and summer houses are often seen as the height of garden luxury. Storage is always important to people so sheds are also a good idea.

Draw the Eye

Sometimes adding value to a garden isn’t about anything practical or big but just about it looking really nice and appealing. Everyone loves a water feature. It’s not just the look but the sound of the water that’s so relaxing so a water feature with a water fall or fountain is a great selling point. Similarly, who doesn’t like colourful flowers? Adding just a few colourful pots or containers can really lift a garden and make it more desirable. Garden furniture is also a nice addition that looks good but also allow people to see themselves sitting out there and relaxing.

A Private Refuge

Gardens, especially in urban areas, can be seen as a sanctuary away from the rest of the world so making them as private and secure as possible can add value. Solid fences and lockable gates in good condition are a selling point as are high growing trees, trellises with plants growing up them and the various modern screening available.

Because a nice garden can be a huge draw in selling a property, it is worth taking the time to make the most of it to whatever level your budget stretches to. If you are planning major work that could involve a border you share with your neighbour, you might benefit from getting a Party Wall Award before you start and Marc would be glad to advise you and help you with that if he believes that to be the case. To talk to Marc about Party Wall Awards for garden work or inside work that involves a wall you share with your neighbour, call 01273 281624 or email

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