Eco-Renovations that Make a Difference

Everyone seems to be going home improvement mad this year and one of the ways lots of home owners are improving their property is by making them more eco-friendly. A major benefit of making these kinds of changes is that they don’t just help the environment but save money as well. Some eco-renovations can save so much money in energy reduction that they essentially pay for themselves so here are some of the most effective ways to renovate your home to make it more environmentally friendly.


We have all heard how important insulation is by now and it seems like a real no brainer for the fact it is inexpensive to upgrade but can make such a big difference. Up to 40% of a home’s heat can be lost through a lack of insulation and old insulation can lose its effectiveness over time. Depending on the type of property you have, there are lots of different types of insulation available, some natural like wool if that’s your thing, or some very handy for hollow walls like expanding foam. Even for buildings with solid walls, there are options available so it is worth looking into.

Upgrading Windows

Getting double glazed windows is an obvious way to stop heat escaping from your house and save energy but there are other options such as triple glazing or low-emissivity glass which helps to reflect heat back into the room which can make even more of a difference. For listed buildings which don’t have that option, there are other ways of making even existing windows better at keeping heat in such as being repaired so they fit better or adding draught proofing.

Alternative Power Sources

Solar panels to power a home are often expensive and not suitable for all homes. Whether they pay for themselves in the long term is dependent on a lot of different factors such as how you use energy in your home but they are absolutely worth looking into for their environmental benefit. There are also options such as having a solar water heating system which is less costly and another way to save energy.

Heat a Little Differently

Saving energy with your heating isn’t just about what type of boiler you use as even things like a more efficient heating control system with better thermostats can make a big difference. Having a system which heats the whole house to the same temperature is inefficient and there are smart systems now which can heat rooms independently depending on how they’re used. Underfloor heating is also generally more energy efficient than radiators because they run at a much lower level due to the effect of heat rising so they’re a great addition if you are getting new flooring put in. Boilers themselves now have alternative heating options such as ground and air systems but they can have limiting space requirements. Biomass boilers are also an option but they can be quite expensive. In some cases, simply getting a new more energy efficient boiler will make a difference.

Waste Not Water

It seems a little odd to pay for something that falls from the sky but there are ways of capturing rain water to reduce water costs and prevent water being wasted. You don’t need the same clean processed water that you drink to flush your toilet or water your garden (plants prefer rainwater anyway) so systems exist that collect the rain water that falls on your roof for these purposes. You can also get low-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads which can reduce water wastage in the bathroom.

If you’re planning a major house renovation that includes eco features like these, Marc can help project manage and monitor the work to save you the time and hassle. To speak to Marc about a renovation project you have in mind, call 01273 281624 or email

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