Keep your House Warm for Less

It’s getting to that time of year when people start grumbling about their central heating bills and families find themselves fighting over when to put the heating on. Although there’s no help for the conflict between the people who want to put the heating on for a couple of extra hours and the people who say ‘put a jumper on’, there are ways to make it easier to heat your home and keep it warm without cranking up the central heating.

Think About Air Flow

We all know that heat rises yet have radiators on the sides of rooms where the heat can just float up to the ceiling where it’s not needed. Putting a floating shelf above radiators will help to redirect that heat into the room instead. Similarly, where you place furniture can impede the heat getting into your room so try to avoid putting large bits of furniture in front of radiators.

Minimise Drafts

Drafts are, obviously, a huge problem in older properties but it isn’t just the old window that can let cold air in. Drafts can come down the chimney and up through the floorboards too so it’s a good idea to install a chimney balloon and fill in the gaps between your floorboards to stop drafts getting in that way. Rugs on the floor can help protect against floorboard drafts in the meantime. Even though things like letter boxes, key holes and loft hatches seem like very small areas to worry about drafts getting in through, covering them and insulating them does make a difference. It is also worth putting draft-proofing tape around windows and doors.


More substantial insulation like loft insultation can dramatically reduce your energy bills in the long term and can last up to 40 years so it more than pays for itself.

Get Canny with Curtains

It seems obvious that heavy lined curtains are a good way to keep window drafts out of your rooms. However, it’s actually a good idea to leave curtains open for as long as the sun is up to let the daylight naturally heat up rooms during the day before closing them at night to keep that heat in.

Being on Repoint

Salty sea air and heavy winds can do bad things to your brickwork. When the mortar wears away and leaves gaps, it can let drafts into your home. Getting your brickwork repointed is a good idea for keeping drafts out but also for keeping water out which is a major problem here on the south coast.

Because keeping your home warm in winter can be such a large part of your utility bills, it’s a good idea to minimise how much you use your central heating while not letting anyone in the home be chilly. These small changes can make a big difference but if you are planning any major works to make your home easier to heat or more energy efficient, I can help with surveys, Party Wall Awards (if necessary) and advice. Please call 01273 281624 or email for more information.

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