Spring Cleaning Checks

With spring approaching (at last), people may be thinking of doing a big spring clean. Cleaning, decorating and home maintenance were big features of the first national lockdown so there are probably lots of people planning to do similar things again this year. If you are planning a really thorough clean, it is worth adding in some checks and maintenance tasks which could really be effective in preventing issues with your property later on.

Things to Check Outside:

Water getting in through anywhere on your roof is bad news. That’s why it’s so important to have a good look for broken or missing tiles, especially after all the stormy weather we had this winter, and if you have any areas of flat roofing, check that it isn’t cracked or blistering.

Chimneys can be a hot spot for weather damage so have a look at those to check for any damage, loose brickwork, gaps between bricks or badly worn mortar. Also check if there are any issues around where the chimney meets the roof as this can be an area where water sneaks in.

Check the external walls too for cracks, bulges, worn mortar and broken, warped or rotted cladding.

Things to Do Outside:

A good job to do (which no one likes doing but there are nice people to do it for you if necessary) while you’re checking the roof is to clean out the guttering. It’s a good idea to check the gutters and pipes aren’t broken or leaking while you’re there because the water coming out of them can seep into walls and cause issues.

Painted external walls and window/doors need to be repainted regularly to keep the weather out and it is a good idea to check windows while you’re there to ensure they’re not cracked, rusted or starting to rot. Clear any ventilation bricks and check that soil levels are below the level of any damp proof course.

Cut back any plant life that could cause trouble such as ivy climbing up walls as, although it may look nice, it can work its way into window frames and cause other problems.

Things to Check Inside:

In this weather, it’s more likely that people will be doing their cleaning and maintenance indoors so there is plenty to check here too. The big thing to look out for when you’re getting the cobwebs out of corners or pulling out furniture is evidence of damp. The sooner you can identify this issue, the better. Look for discolouration and that distinctive damp smell. It’s worth venturing into the loft to see if there are any signs of damp around the rafters, insulation or walls. While you are there, make sure none of the pipes up there have any signs of leakage and there are no signs of rot or damage on any of the structures.

Throughout the rest of the house, it’s wise to check the pipes and radiators too as even very small leaks can build up into big problems. Other things to look out for which could be a sign of trouble to come are uneven floors and ceilings especially in older houses.

When things are a bit more back to normal, it is also a good idea to get professionals round to check things like the electrics, heating and to have the chimney swept for safety.

If you do spot any issues that you think could cause problems, get in touch and Marc can tell you if you need to take any action and what the best course of action would be. Please feel free to get in touch about any issues that are worrying you about your home on 01273 281624 or email info@tatesurveyingservices.co.uk.

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