Why a Good Reinstatement Specification is so Important

No one wants to have to make a claim on their buildings insurance. It means something bad has happened to their home that has caused serious damage. When this happens, the last thing anyone needs is undue hassle and conflict. Putting the property back to the way it was needs to be a straightforward process with as little stress as possible. Having a professionally drawn up reinstatement specification that details everything that needs doing to repair the damage can make this process go as smoothly as possible.

Making Tendering Easier

A good properly detailed reinstatement specification can make the job of tendering for the repair work easier because the tradespeople can see exactly what is required so will all be basing their quotations on the same specific criteria. This, obviously, makes comparisons easier. It also makes it more difficult for unscrupulous tradespeople to overcharge or claim work is necessary when it isn’t. Even honest tradespeople can misquote on vague specifications so it’s really important that they’re accurate and detailed to avoid misunderstanding or being charged more later on.

Pricing, Time Scales and Planning

Knowing exactly what needs to be done including the materials needed makes it much easier to plan building work. It makes it less likely that the project will go over budget and allows for more realistic time scales to be set. This, clearly, leads to less back and forth with the insurance company, less stress and an easier time for everyone involved. We all know that effective and thorough planning make nasty shocks and last minute changes less likely too.

Getting it Right

Very detailed specifications of works can list everything from the brands of the materials required, rough quantities of materials, the workmanship required and a full schedule of works needed. This not only allows the insurance company to see exactly what they’re being asked to pay out for, it gives the people doing the work something to work from to avoid missing anything or cutting corners. By having everything required set out before the contractor even quotes avoids potential conflicts and disputes further down the line too. It makes it more difficult for insurance companies to quibble over paying out later on as well as making it easier to hold contractors to what they’ve agreed to do and avoid problems caused by misunderstandings about what had been agreed.

Detailed work specifications aren’t just useful for reinstatement projects and don’t necessarily have to just specify how to put the property back to exactly how it was before the damage. Some of Marc’s clients turn the unfortunate incident that damaged their home into an opportunity to make improvements. Marc can help them by specifying what they need to make the improvements they want and can then manage the project for them if required. He can also help people who want to improve their property without it being any kind of reinstatement project. To speak to Marc about reinstatement specifications or any type of building project you would like help with, call 01273 281624 or email info@tatesurveyingservices.co.uk.

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