Why Good Ventilation is so Important

While Marc often gets called in to diagnose issues with water getting into buildings, problems can also occur due to moisture not getting out. Ventilation is a much more important issue in a home than people generally think. It’s essential for the health of the residents and the building itself that fresh air gets in and stale air gets out. We’ve all been told how important ventilation is in preventing the spread of diseases but here are some of the other reasons why you need good ventilation in your home.

Air Quality

Odd as it sounds, the air we breathe out as well as the gases we produce in a home are bad for us if not replaced with fresh air. It’s not just the carbon dioxide we breathe out but also pollutants and smoke caused by cooking, lighting candles, etc. that can build up inside a poorly ventilated building. Dust, pollen and other particles that hang in the air can also impact the quality of air inside a home and cause issues particularly for people with asthma or other breathing difficulties. Having good ventilation, either naturally or using mechanical ventilators in a house means there is plenty of fresh air circulating and removing those harmful gasses and particles.

Moisture Regulation

On the south coast, damp problems are usually caused by water getting in but they can also be down to water not being able to get out. Moisture from cooking, boiling kettles, having baths/showers, drying clothes indoors and sweaty bodies can build up where it isn’t wanted and cause problems like mould. Not only does black mould from condensation look horrible, it can also be unhealthy for the people living around it. Condensation can also damage window frames and cause wallpaper and paint to peel. That’s why it’s so important to have adequate ventilation to let that moisture out.

How to Improve Ventilation

Saying open more windows isn’t very helpful in winter but it is a good idea while cooking or after a bath or shower. Leaving doors between rooms open is a good idea as a rule to let air circulate and opening windows, even for a little while, a few times a day is advisable when it isn’t too cold. To reduce moisture in key areas, installing extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom is quite effective. For long term solutions to a property with poor ventilation, you can add in structural ventilation in the loft and walls especially if mould or, even worse, dry rot are an issue. Some people with breathing issues or people who live in very polluted areas can benefit from installing air purifiers in their home to clean the air before circulating it.

If you have concerns about the ventilation in your house or you are looking to build an extension or have damp issues that may be due to condensation or water ingress, Marc can help advise you. To talk to him about anything to do with your property that might require the help of a surveyor, call 01273 281624 or email info@tatesurveyingservices.co.uk.

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